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The subscription economy

is taking off.

Releasing your subscription potential

New subscription models are re-shaping the way the world thinks and works. Across B2C and B2B, subscriptions offer consumers and end-users more flexibility and fewer upfront costs. At the same time, ongoing subscriptions enable companies to build more engaging and rewarding relationships with their customers.

For more than 10 years, Subscription Factory has helped companies in multiple sectors to explore and enter this exciting new paradigm. We have delivered this via a powerful combination of financial knowledge, strategic thinking, project management and training skills. And with our unique knowledge and understanding of this market we can guide you toward the best solution for your business and its future.


For more than 10 years we helped companies using our knowledge. 



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Changing expectations

There has been a change. Today’s consumers want effective outcomes, not burdensome ownership. Customization, not generalization. Constant improvement, not planned obsolescence.

Within this context, switching to a subscription business model delivers recurring revenues and offers significant benefits for all parties.

Think Netflix, Hello Fresh, Amazon Prime, Uber, Spotify, Microsoft and Salesforce.

Think Your Company.

And talk to Subscription Factory about discovering your subscription potential so that you’re positioned to take advantage of the Subscription Economy,



You’re in good company

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