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Are you looking to future proof your subscription and billing processes and try out new pricing models?

Do you want to move past your current (manual) setup and introduce automated workflows, invoicing and payments to your business in order to support the growth ambitions?

With TSF you get a industry grade solution ready to scale and support your ambitions with.

Tackle Your Top Challenges

The challenges faced by companies transitioning to subscription-based models are very real.

Limited IT resources and budget, finding reliable and scalable solutions, and time-to-market are all hurdles you can face.

Seamless Solution

But, at Subscription Factory, we’ve created a solution for these issues – Managed Subscription Billing Services, It takes into consideration cost-effectiveness, ROI potential, and our industry-specific knowledge: all paired with the scalability, flexibility, and reliability of a solution from Zuora.

Best of all, you can go live in as little as six weeks.




Hop On The Subscription Train

Recurring revenue is a big goal for a lot of companies and for good reason.

Are you a CEO or CFO looking to disrupt your industry with a scalable solution? Our service is perfect for ambitious businesses in the services and SaaS sectors.

If you’ve got subscription services on your mind, but don’t have the skills in-house to make it happen then you need a solution.

At Subscription Factory, we’ve got you covered. Our Managed Subscription Billing Services, in partnership with Zuora, offer a powerful combination of strategic thinking, project management, and subscription service knowledge. Together, we guide your business toward the future of subscription commerce.

Why Choose Our Managed Subscription

Billing Services?

This solution is designed to fit seamlessly into your business model, providing:


  • Product & Pricing: Simple recurring pricing, along with multi-currency & localization
  • Cash Collection: Credit card and (SEPA) Direct Debit available
  • Conversion Optimization: Outbound messaging, plus promo & campaign support
  • Finance & Accounting: Monthly journal reporting and revenue recognition
  • Operations & Support: An inclusive admin role and ongoing platform maintenance
  • Billing: Monthly, quarterly, and yearly options with a variety of pro-rata choices

Simple and straightforward

With Subscription Factory and Zuora, you can launch your subscription business in weeks, not months. A journey with us is a straightforward process that validates your business case, agrees on functional fit, onboards your team, and implements the solution. It really is that simple.


Discover More with Our Exclusive White Paper

Looking to delve deeper into the world of Managed Subscription Billing Services? We’ve compiled an extensive, comprehensive white paper just for you.

Managed Subscription Billing Services: The Comprehensive Guide

This white paper offers in-depth insights and analysis into the implementation and benefits of our Managed Subscription Billing Services. You’ll learn about the ins and outs of subscription billing, and how it can provide a transformative boost to your business.

Download Our White Paper To Find Out More

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Kinderhuissingel 1D
2013 AS Haarlem
The Netherlands


Contact us
+31 (0) 850 185 138


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