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Innovators scale with Zuora-as-a-service

Launch new pricing strategies, invoice accurately, automate recurring payments, and grow ARR.

Speed to scale

You want to automate your existing monetisation setup and integrate it into your business operation. How do you protect your existing business and operational setup without losing the ability to scale and who can support you in this process?

Turn-key subscription solution

At Subscription Factory we’ve support clients in Europe with fast integration and setup timelines, delivering best in class experiences for their consumers. We build, run and launch on Zuora, the world’s leading monetisation platform.

Innovators run on Zuora.

Best-in-class subscription platform

Understanding the operational challenges of a new business model and being able to address them is key to preparing for scale. We offer a comprehensive package that includes configuration, management, platform and e-Commerce experience  to empower you to scale.

Why choose Zuora-as-a-service (Zaasly)?

We’ve designed this setup with scale-ups in mind. Businesses that are eager to start with subscriptions but do not have the internal resources (finance, development) to pull it off themselves. Our offering includes:


  • Managed services; we’re here to support you
  • Scalable platform; we build, launch and run on Zuora
  • Short time-to-market; integrated e-Commerce front-end
  • Enterprise support with start-up pricing; Contact us.

Start-up pricing with enterprise support

The Zaasly program simplifies launching a recurring revenue business model, including subscriptions and consumption-based models, presenting a systematic guide, swift market access, and competitive pricing.  

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